Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Health Tips?

If it has a vegetable on it that isn't a potato, it's healthy.

If you only use half of the Ramen noodle packet, it's healthy.

If it's brown when it could be white, it's healthy.

If you chose to skip the cheese, it's healthy.

If you have to put butter on a vegetable to eat it, that's still healthy.

If a glass of wine is good for you an entire bottle is REALLY good for you.

Actual Tips:

 If it says "Diet" on it it is probably not actually good for you or for your diet.

Shop in the outer aisles of the store. The inner aisles are where the junk and processed garbage is. (one exception is the asian food aisle which I frequent) Stick with bright veggies and low fat meats.  Brown rice is your best option for a side dish. It's simple to make, tastes better, has more nutrients and costs less than white rice. Red meat should only be eaten very rarely as a treat. Meat does not need to be consumed every day, I try to do a day between each chicken breast.

Salt is not the enemy. Iodized salt is. Choose kosher sea salt. I use the coarse salt for cooking and the fine ground ones for sprinkling. If you are eating lots of packaged stuff then yes watch your sodium but if you are only salting veggies then seriously? Don't fucking sweat it.

Can't just drink water? Try fruit juices mixed with water. If I drink apple juice it will be a 50/50 mix with water. You can try 25/75 at first until your palate changes and the 50/50 mix tastes good.

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