Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Whacky Dream

Well I think I should start documenting my dreams on here since they're frequently so goddamn crazy. Last night we watched Monsters, an alien type movie which explains the theme about this dream. Anyways here goes:

Okay, so I start out trying to get a flight out of here because alien creatures are taking over. I have to bring my hamster (I don't have a hamster) and all I can find to put him in is a fish tank, which I carry into the plane with no problem but I'm standing there in the arrivals thinking about how easy it was to get my hamster into *whichever country I flew to* and then it hits me that I might have trouble getting my hamster back into Canada and then a significant part of my dream is spent worrying about how I am going to get my hamster back into Canada and how do you even quarantine a hamster and what will the process be. Yeaaaaah. Then I guess Mat woke me up, which he does every single goddamn morning going to the bathroom, and that part of my dream faded away and then I'm running from aliens/bad men and I find a safehaven and my hamster is there waiting in his fish tank which is now full of water. I'm not the least bit concerned and in fact he is having a great time in there although he does look a little sad to be so wet. Somehow I find a pet store and buy him two other hamsters to play with then I'm worried they won't get along and maybe these hamsters can't breathe underwater and then I'm getting chased down by Donald Sutherland who is in this giant blue Cadillac. I lure him into the water and the car starts sinking and I'm on top of the car jumping up and down yelling something about you won't ever fuck with me or my hamsters ever again!! So then Donald Sutherland dies and I'm walking back somewhere and then I woke up.